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We are a creative company, who works with passion and love. We provide the best services you need. Onnan Unity has led the way in its field and has developed a reputation for safe, high-quality delivery.


Preservation of the environment is a key factor in all of ONNAN activities, and involves measures and procedures designed to minimize any potential negative impact on the environment and to ensure compliance with all legal regulations in respect of environmental preservation. It is ONNAN policy to ensure that our engineering projects and products are environmentally acceptable.
ONNAN actively promotes environmental awareness at all levels of the company, in order to ensure that this objective is achieved.

Quality Assurance

Onnan Unity Company Ltd recognizes that in today’s competitive marketplace, effective quality systems are essential when providing quality cost effective services to our clients. Management is totally committed to providing Commercial & Industrial, General Contracting Services that comply fully with the specifications and expectations of our valued clients. Therefore, it is the policy of Onnan Unity Company Ltd to adhere strictly to this quality control program and to ensure that this program and the requirements of our customers are met on each and every project we execute.

Health & Safety

At Onnan Unity Company Limited, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for everyone who works with and for us. Health and Safety are core values that are incorporated into all aspects of our business. We integrate health and safety objectives into our management systems at all levels whereby everyone must feel empowered never to tolerate unsafe behavior. This is enhanced by the detailed application of current best practice health and safety processes and procedures.

Customer Service

ONNAN believes that our standard of customer service is paramount to the future of our existence. Our customer service policy is therefore central to all our operations and complied with throughout the work force. By believing in this policy, and meeting the changing needs of our customers, we are able to give an outstanding service.

OK, So why Onnan Unity?

There are lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

  • We provide professional services that support our customers in functions that are critical to their success.
  • We promote teamwork, both internally and with our customers.
  • We provide innovative services that meets the highest international standards.
  • We maintain and expand our affiliations with distinguished international associations and manufacturers.
  • We maintain absolute confidentiality on the information of our customers.
  • We ensure that our supplies and services are provided in a timely manner to be cost effective solutions for our customers.
  • We attract and retain high-quality and service-oriented individuals to a supportive work environment.
  • We ensure that all ONNAN employees enjoy a healthy and safe working environment.
  • We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations on the quality of our supplies and professional services, with a true dedication to taking prompt towards customer requirements.

Onnan Unity focuses on Architecture Building Design Project Management Contract Management Civil Engineering Procurement Management

Through fiscal responsibility and ethical practices, Onnan Unity aims to offer high quality services and deliverables, our flexible approach enables us to customize every project to the specific needs and requirements of each client.
As a fast-growing organization, we strive to provide our clients with the best of the best and we accomplish this by analyzing each client’s situation and coming up with an innovative solution designed to meet their needs. Onnan Unity today is a consolidated and flexible organization with real possibilities to execute projects of considerable relevance and magnitude, and capable of delivering optimal results.
Onnan Unity has led the way in its field and has developed a reputation for safe, high-quality delivery. Our expertise has been developed over many years and is backed up by a highly trained, committed workforce and a wide range of specialist resources. Our organization consists of a team of highly skilled professionals, clearly defined work strategies, financial and technological resources, and a solid integrated management system within our operational, financial and budgetary control systems, allowing for real-time control of project logistics and financial activities.
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Who we are

ONNAN aims to provide customers with superb engineering services, quality products and innovative practical solutions in a cost effective way utilizing the power of our talented professional team to ensure our clients satisfaction and trust for long term professional relations.



What we plan to achieve

ONNAN aims to be the preferred solutions provider in Nigeria and GCC region through our reliable quality engineering services and industrial equipment and spare parts supplies to all industrial sectors and projects, and we aim to meet the future demands with foresight and careful planning that would establish and maintain our reputation.


Core Values

What we stand for

ONNAN conducts itself in a manner, which provides financial rewards to its owners and employees while fostering an enjoyable, challenging work environment. ONNAN will adapt to changing environments and work hard to keep our commitments to our customers. ONNAN will continue to achieve high levels of engineering and technical competence and productivity. Above all, ONNAN will act with honesty and integrity.

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